"greeNEWit" Binyan: Hamodia Youth Magazine

March 4, 2014 Written by  Comments Print

Alexander Weil of greeNEWit delivered a presentation to Mrs. Mittleman’s 2nd grade class at Baltimore’s Torah Institute. For many of the students, the highlight of the presentation was WallEE, greeNEWit’s Clean Energy dog, who made a cameo speaking appearance via video hookup. GreeNEWit helps society reduce energy consumption, eliminate waste, and save money.

We also care about developing our relationship with the community through energy education. We started the OUR Schools Program to spread the message of Ownership, Understanding, and Responsibility with regards to our future global energy and resources situation. The energizing presentations help educate elementary students on the importance of energy efficiency and how our behaviors affect the environment. They also help students develop an interest in science, technology, engineering, math, and nature.