Energy Savings Partnership

Earn Money for Your School While Saving Energy at Home

Quick Home Energy Check-up

$20 to school, no additional cost to homeowner*

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Through the OUR Schools Program, greeNEWit has provided free STEM and environmental education to over 35 schools in Maryland. Now, as a way to bring OUR message of sustainability home in the form of actionable energy savings, we have designed the Energy Savings Partnership, a school partnership that allows families to raise money for their school while saving money at home through state-sponsored energy efficiency programs. Through this partnership, we have already saved school families over $40,000 in energy savings and donated over $3,000 to our school partners.

Quick Home Energy Check-up

A Quick Home Energy Check-up (QHEC) is a fast, easy way to get started with energy efficiency.

One of our certified energy analysts performs a visual assessment of your home and provides recommendations for ways that you can reduce the amount of energy and water you use. This includes an assessment of your insulation levels, heating and cooling equipment, water heating system, lighting, appliances, and more.

With your permission, they’ll also install qualifying energy saving measures that can start saving you money immediately. These include up to:

  • 12 compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). We carry a variety of types.
  • 4 efficient-flow faucet aerators
  • 2 efficient-flow showerheads. Both fixed and handheld models available.
  • Water heater pipe insulation
  • Electric water heater tank wrap
  • Smart power strips

These measures save our customers an average of $175 in utility costs each year, and the best part is, everything is provided at no additional cost to your standard utility bills. If you live in Maryland, you’ve already paid for it, and for each QHEC, greeNEWit will contribute $20 to your school of choice!

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Audit

$40 to school, $100 cost to homeowner**

greeNEWit's Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Energy Audit is a comprehensive assessment of your home and its systems in order to determine how energy is being used in your home and identify specific opportunities for improvement. It includes all of the same products listed in the QHEC above, but is a far more diagnostic evaluation of a home’s energy and HVAC performance.

Once the energy audit is complete, you'll receive a full written report to help you prioritize energy efficiency opportunities in your home based on the most cost effective solutions to maximize savings and comfort.

In addition to the money you'll save from reduced energy use, you may be eligible for rebates and tax credits (up to $3,800 for BGE and Pepco customers) to help offset the cost of the improvements. A $400 value, Maryland utilites have subsidized the cost down to $100, and now greeNEWit donates $40 of that right back to the school.

Through This Energy Savings Incentive:

  1. The school gets monetary donations to be used toward Green School certification, STEM, school building upgrades and other energy efficient causes.
  2. greeNEWit will provide a case study of how much energy and money the school is saving.

* We say no additional cost because this program is already being funded by a small surcharge on everyone’s utility bill (see EmPOWER Maryland). Completing a QHEC costs nothing additional to what you already pay for your energy each month.

** $100 offer valid for homes up to 4,000 square feet with a single combustion appliance zone. Extra fees may apply for audits on larger homes with multiple combustion appliance zones. Customers should discuss the pricing structure with a greeNEWit representative. Restrictions apply. See or for details.

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