Agents of Change

An Internship Program Designed for You

greeNEWit is always interested in partnering with talented individuals that possess an entrepreneurial spirit and a common passion for facilitating social change. Do you possess these characteristics? If the answer is yes! then you’ve come to the right place for your next career-building internship.

We started the Agents of Change (AOC) Internship Program with youth in mind.

Through a variety of programs, delivered in a thriving work environment, the AOC Internship Program is designed to teach the basic fundamentals needed to nurture environmental stewardship and entrepreneurship within the community. The program offers hands-on work experiences in different vertical settings that are tailored to meet the educational and professional goals of the youth involved. We provide an opportunity to continue education through our high school student work study offering or earn college credit through our career experience program. Our goal is to teach aspiring business leaders how to use entrepreneurial principles to create and manage a project to achieve social change.

Our Internship Gives Participants

  • A broader perspective on how sustainability and small behavioral changes affect the community
  • The ability to plan, organize, delegate and execute tasks as individuals transform into leaders
  • Opportunity to gain professional work experience in relevant fields of study and interest
  • Opportunity to develop particular skill sets that are needed to pursue professional goals
  • Option to innovate through entrepreneurship, a core value deeply embedded in our culture
  • Team building experience to harness effective communication and time management skills

From an idea to a business plan, we work to show firsthand what it takes to develop a sustainable model for success. Our unique program design, allows participants to get real world, hands on social entrepreneurial experience through two of our community initiatives.

Entrepreneurship, teamwork and leadership are a few of the skill sets our internship program focuses on. See the other learning objectives the internship cultivates.