OUR Results

We Measure the Results of our Projects for our Customers

We're proud of our track record and what we've been able to do for our customers and our community. So much so, that we share savings statistics with every one of our customers and display them here for all to see. It's incredible to see how cumulatively, measures as simple as changing a light bulb can make such a big impact. We want to make sure you know that your dollars are well spent on a greeNEWit energy retrofit. We'll work with you to estimate energy savings potential for your projects and if required, we can even develop a measurement and verification plan after your project is completed.

Energy and Water Reductions & Savings to Date

Total Residences Helped

Residential Energy Savings


Students & Community Members Educated

Maryland Energy Education


Energy Savings for Our Customers

energy savings for customers


Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Installed

energy saving lightbulb installation


Pounds of Paper Saved

Paper Savings


Carbon Emissions Reduced (tons)

Carbon Emissions Reduced


Electricity Savings (kWh)

Electricity Savings


Gas Savings (Th)

gas savings


Gallons of Water Saved

water conservation savings