Corporate Social Responsibility

We Work for Your Environment

For many corporations, involving the community to support continued education, humanitarian advancement and economicdevelopment are important core values. At greeNEWit, we are committed to making this planet a better and more sustainable place to live while placing the utmost importance on corporate responsibility. Our corporate social responsibility initiatives are apparent in the following areas throughout our collaborative organization.

Energy Efficiency
We demonstrate ethical standards in energy efficiency by leading by example. Our organization works toward continual improvement in environmental performance through leadership initiatives, training, results tracking and the list goes on. We raise awareness and encourage members of the community to participate in the plethora of energy efficiency programs available to them, often times, these programs are subsidized by utilities or local, state and federal programs.

Volunteer Work
We rely on our community everyday to aid our efforts in creating a more sustainable future. Through collaboration, we aim to inspire positive action and change the way we as society use, produce and think about our energy. As social entrepreneurs we actively do our part to save the planet by volunteering with the USGBC's Green Apple Day of Service, teaching energy efficiency in your home presentations and working with MAEOE to help more schools become certified as green schools. We even get involved in environmental initiatives like volunteering to pick up trash in conjunction with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation in their watershed clean up initiative.

In support of Earth Day and the clean energy movement, greeNEWit joined more than 900,000,000 across the globe and pledged an act of green with the Earth Day Network. Employees from greeNEWit planted a garden and donated a green garden bench in the cul-de-sac in front of the office.

Philanthropy to Engage Millennials
We have included philanthropy as a way to engage millennials and reward top performing employees. At greeNEWit, employees can also volunteer on company time and the company dime. We stand as a leader in the Multi-Family and Single Family Quick Home Energy Checkup (QHEC) Program to provide energy upgrades to residential and multi-family homes. The QHEC technicians are paid for the hours they work. If a team completes a multi-family site visit a day early, greeNEWit will lend these skilled employees to nonprofits and struggling small businesses. So far employees have volunteered at the Elkridge Food Pantry, Village Learning Place, Habit for Humanity of the Chesapeake ReStore, Second Chance and BARCS. As the program expands, greeNEWit employees will not only volunteer time, but provide professional services and share their knowledge in energy efficiency.

Community Environmental Projects
We created the OUR Schools Program to teach energy education free in public schools in Maryland. We provide energizing presentations to educate elementary students on the importance of energy efficiency and how our behaviors affect the environment. Through this CSR initiative, we have reached more than 7,000 students in four different counties in Maryland. Through this program, we hope to neutralize the carbon footprint of Maryland schools, save families money on utility bills and produce the first generation of truly energy-conscious students, teachers, staff and administration.

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
greeNEWit uses recycled paper for any printed marketing material. We are in the process of distributing thousands of CFL light bulbs using recycled paper packaging.

Employee Commute / Efficient Business Travel
Many of our employees ride their bikes to work to reduce the carbon footprint. In addition, while our energy retrofit crews of technicians are deployed to multi-family properties every day to perform both residential and commercial energy solutions, they carpool to all of the properties; reducing our carbon emissions and keeping additional cars off the road.